Category Title Description Municipality County Adopted File
Animals Animal Classification (Chickens) An ordinance concerning the regulation of animals, which provides for a classification system for types of animals and the distinct restrictions for each animal classification. Borough of Park Ridge Bergen Park Ridge - Animal Classification Ordinance.pdf
Animals Animal Permit An ordinance concerning the keeping of domesticated and undomesticated animals and the permitting requirements for both including restrictions on certain animals in residential districts, with exception for chicken hens. City of Hackensack Bergen Hackensack - Animal Ordinance.pdf
Animals Deer Resolution Concerning Community-Based Plan For The Management of The Deer Population in The Township of Princeton Princeton Twp. Mercer Deer PRINCETON TWP.pdf
Animals Deer Feeding An Ordinance Concerning The Feeding of Deer and Amending Chapter 13 of The CODE of The Township of Princeton, New Jersey, 1968 Princeton Twp. Mercer Deer Feeding PRINCETON TWP.pdf
Animals Dogs Amending The Code of The Township of Evesham Chapter 67, Entitled: DOGS Evesham Twp. Burlington Dogs EVESHAM.pdf
Animals Dogs On The Beach An Ordinance To Amend Section 47-6 (Dogs Restricted) of Chapter 47(Beachfront Use and Regulations) of The Code of The Borough of Manasquan To Establish Regulations and Times At Which Dogs Are Pemitted On The Municipal Beachfront Manasquan Boro Monmouth Dogs on the Beach MANASQUAN.pdf
Animals Dogs - Penalty Provisions Ordinance Amending Chapter 67-11 of The Code of THE-TOWNSH1P of Evesham With Regard To Penalty PR0VISIONS Evesham Twp. Burlington Dogs-Penalty Provisions EVESHAM.pdf
Animals Electronic Fence - Dog Ordinance No. 2004-14 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 61 (Animals), By Supplementing Article I, Regulating and Licensing of Dogs Manalapan Twp. Monmouth Electronic Fence-Dog MANALAPAN TWP.pdf
Animals Electronic Fence - Dog Amended An Ordinance Amending Chapter 61 (Animals), By Amending Article I, Regulating and Licensing of Dogs Manalapan Twp. Monmouth Electronic Fence-Dog AMENDED MANALAPAN TWP.pdf
Animals Poultry License A sanitation ordinance concerning the licensing and fee for licensing of certain poultry and game animals. Township of Saddle Brook Bergen Saddle Brook - Chicken Ordinance.pdf
Animals Vicious Dogs   Ridgefield Boro Bergen Vicious Dogs RIDGEFIELD.pdf