Shared Services Agreement

Category Title Description Entity County File
Clerical Services provision of printing services provision of printing services linden & roselle union PDF icon 12.pdf
Clerical Services Municipal Clerk Services sharing the services of municipal clerk Bo of Hightstown; Bo of Roosevelt Mercer; Monmouth PDF icon municipal clerk services.pdf
Clerical Services Municipal Clerk Shared Services Agreement regarding the parties' joint use of a Municipal Clerk Borough of Oaklyn (Camden); Borough of Audubon (Camden) Camden PDF icon Borough Clerk.pdf
Clerical Services Clerical and Administrative Services for the Construction Office Construction Code Office Upper and Dennis Cape May PDF icon 2.pdf
Clerical Services Administrative Services Township shall undertake administrative services for the Library including: payroll processing; year end reporting; administration of insurance converages; municipal services Twp of North Brunswick; North Brunswick Public Library Middlesex PDF icon 5.pdf